How does KoinKeep Work? | Physically Secure Bitcoin Wallet


How does KoinKeep work? Here's what you need to know.

KoinKeep is the most physically secure cold wallet available on the market today.

Designed by a seasoned Bitcoiner, the KoinKeep cold wallet is the first hardware wallet to offer multi-layer protection and multi-signature protection. The security model may sound complex, but KoinKeep was designed to be accessible to both the newer and seasoned Bitcoiner.

The creator of KoinKeep also released Gatekeeper, a revolutionary open source projected designed to serve as an auditor for and every one of your transactions. Tap learn more to learn about gatekeeper.


Multi-Sig Protection

"By using a multisig wallet, users are able to prevent problems caused by the loss or theft of a private key. So even if one of the keys are compromised, the funds are still safe."
- Binance Academy

Multi-Signature Protection is a great method to start securing your Bitcoins. KoinKeep has added an additional layer to this concept.

KoinKeep is designed to be used in sets of three devices, with each containing one of three private keys. As long as you can access at least two out of three KoinKeep devices, you'll be able to access your funds.

If one device is lost or stolen, you can still access your funds with the other two KoinKeep devices. We recommend storing the devices in three separate secure locations.

Multi-Layer Protection

During hardware manufacturing and shipping, it is possible for malicious parties to tamper with hardware devices. The users of these altered devices are typically unaware of the issue, unless there is a problem, like having their Bitcoins stolen.

KoinKeep protects you from this kind of attack. When you set up your KoinKeep devices, you will also install an artifact on your phone. This artifact is necessary to move your Bitcoins.

Think of it as two-factor authentication for Bitcoin transactions.

Your Bitcoins are secure with KoinKeep.

Bluetooth Accessibility

Desktop and laptop computers are not always secure. Malware, viruses, loss, theft are just a few of the issues with computers. Additionally, Wifi can be tampered with and is sometimes unreliable.

KoinKeep uses Bluetooth to connect your mobile phone and KoinKeep device directly. This eliminates the vulnerabilities of Wifi and computer connections.

Your Bitcoins will be both secure and easily accessible to you.

Take control of your Bitcoin security.

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